Thursday, 4 December 2014

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

I don't know if you're as excited as I am but ahhhh!
 Christmas is almost here, it's so close that I can smell it.
I'm not sure why but in the past three years, I didn't like Christmas one bit, I felt no magic and to be honest it didn't even feel like Christmas, which is sad but this year it's all different as you can probably tell. I feel like a five year old, who's looking out the windows at night to see the first star on Christmas eve and Santa at night. 
I was preparing for Christmas time since November, which was when I started wearing Christmas socks almost every day, and drinking cherry and cinnamon tea, and let me tell you... The taste is so festive, every time you take a sip and close your eyes you see Santa with his reindeer's.
Maybe a little over exaggerated but you can imagine, it tastes pretty fabulous.
Every morning as I get ready, I play Christmas songs and that puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. 
Many people, especially at my college, say things like "I don't get why you're so excited" or "Wow it happens every year, what's the great deal?"
The deal is that it only happens once a year, it brings families together AND you give and receive gifts!! and did I mention the good food? mmmmm :)

Today, I spent most of the day decorating the house with my step mum while singing along to Christmas songs. Definitely brought the magic into our house, we don't yet have our christmas tree up because we're going to do it together so it's a little more special!
Here's some pictures to show you how cute it looks so far!

I absolutely love it!
We have little apple and cinnamon air fresheners all around and it not only looks beautiful, it smells delicious too!

For now, see you!


  1. Yes, Christmas is a special holiday... you have magical pictures! Want to invite you to join my new giveaway!

  2. You're very pretty!
    Glad I found your blog, definitely will be following!