Monday, 14 April 2014

20 Things that make my life beautiful TAG

When you have a bad day or you're just  not feeling as great, think of them little things that make your life beautiful. Here are some of mine, just thinking about these things brings a smile to my face!

1.Waking up early in the morning.
The house is quiet because everyone is still asleep, it gives me some time to think and have just for myself, time where I can sit in silence and do nothing. Mornings are great and although I'm not a morning person, very early in the morning when the sun is rising is a beautiful time when time just seems to slow down.

2. The smell of coffee in the morning.
Say what you wish but I adore the smell of coffee, the smell of it just makes me a tiny bit more happy and the thought that I will drink it in a minute makes me even more cheerful.

3. Looking at happy people.
In a shop or on the street, everywhere because you just know that there has to be a source to this happiness.

4. My ipod.

Wherever I go, I take my ipod. It helps me to get out of awkward situations and just adds a little tune to whatever I'm doing. I often walk around with headphones in, imagining that I'm in a musical and that the people around me are joining in and dancing. I often sing along when I'm in a good mood and do a little dance every now and then. There should definitely be more people like this in the world as I know that when people see me sing and dance along with a huge smile on my face, it puts one on theirs too!

5. Travelling
That state of mind that there's nothing you can do to change what's going to happen at this very moment, you can't just get off a plane, train or bus. All you can do is relax and get your thoughts straight. Also the excitement that travelling brings, it all starts when I start packing my bags, I just love doing it and as soon as you're on that air port or wherever you feel like a little kid who just got a puppy... or is this just me? Haha

I like to sometimes go into a cafe on my own and sit there making notes or doodling in my notepad. The surrounding smell of coffee is the thing keeping me there, also the coziness of them and the way you can just observe life around you and not do anything but casually sip on a coffee or tea.

7.TV Shows/ Dramas
I particularly enjoy American Horror Story and Skins. Watching these is like forgetting about your own life and going into theirs, like a runaway from reality. (Warning: Not good when you have things to do e.g. revise for exams!)

8.Spending time with family
Although we have our ups and downs I think family time is so important and I treasure it a lot.

9.Planning future (hopefully) trips
with friends or on my own, in the country or abroad.. There's so many places I want to visit and I genuinely think that I'll make my dream come true one day. I want adventure because my town is really boring, no new places to discover, no new people to meet and most important of all no new inspirations and opportunities.

10.Trying and Learning New Things
There's nothing better than trying a new food which you surprisingly love! Or learning something and having this great feeling of achievement and success. 
11.My friends
They're honestly just as important as my family and the thought of living over 4 hours away from them when we're in uni scares me.

12.Jokes, even the unfunny ones!
I like telling them, laughing at them and laughing at peoples laughs.

13. Spontaneous evenings out with my friends
Garage and house parties and cute walks and just aww.

14. Having new things and new old things
new- like a magazine or book so neat and unbent and it's just nice knowing that it's all for you to find out what's inside.
old- boxes or books, you don't know where they could have been and the history they hold.

15.Warm Sunny Days
Nothing gets me more motivated to do things than warm sunny summer days. You can just smell the adventure.

16.New Socks
I really like socks for some reason and when I'm wearing new socks I know it will be a good day. The soft feeling you get on your feet is just lovely.

17.Ice Cream
It's my favorite food after all.

18. Tumblr 
well what can I say... I love it!
hint hint.. check my blog out

19.My Dogs

No matter what happens they're always so excited to see me and they love me and they're just so cute agh.

books, magazines,blog posts and stories- I love them all.

So here are my 20 things and how about you, what makes your life beautiful?
Sometimes it's the little things that we don't even notice make the real difference.

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