Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Healthy ?

Guess what ?!? I am officially saying that I will try to get healthy! 
I will work out 4-5 times a week (torture) 
Ha! Now that I've said this to the public I can't take it back! see what I just did there .. :3
When I told people about it, their reactions were just like: haaa! yehh I bet you will!
no one believes in me :c this might be because I said it so many times and did not last a MONTH!
So, I plan it to be like this:
- always drink water
- watch my carbs
- work out 4-5 times a week
- don't eat my food in a rush
- make he unhealthy healthy
- cut out the snacking

Always drink water
That is a thing that I'm not very used to as I prefer fizzy drinks (soda), squashes and juices.
I don't even drink enough to be honest, usually I'll have up to 2 glasses a day which is ghastly!
It's not enough, now I will chug on water about 2-3 times an hour, even if it's little sips it makes a difference.
Recently I bought a yoga bottle which holds 1 litre, I will fill it up in the morning and afternoon.. It will be with  me everywhere I go basically.

Watch my carbs
Not obsessively though, just make sure when you take a take-away don't order the chips with it, just enjoy your burger or if you eat pizza then don't eat the crust.
By watching my carbs I mean don't cut them out totally because your body actually needs them, but sometimes you can use these extra calories for some nice broccoli or carrots.

Work out 4-5 times a week
I've fond some really good workouts on youtube so I'll be using these to keep my fat burning :p one of my favourite channels is bolgilates. LINK:
She is an amazing coach and makes a workout bearable, yes that's how much I hate workingout.

soo yeah, I hope it helped some of you decide to get healthy too and see you soon 

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